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*****We have decided to take a break from breeding Jack Russells for a while. We do have one adult male available...please see our Available Adults page for more info. We have however started breeding labs. We have a litter due end of November and you can check out our site at!*****

Lucky puppies...Lucky people...Lucky Jacks!!


Home to the SWEETEST, most ADORABLE and LOVABLE classic shorty (10-12 inches) Jack Russell Terriers in North Carolina!!

Quality Breeding for sound temperament making excellent family companions!

Welcome to Lucky Jacks! We are so happy you found us! We are small hobby breeders producing just 1-2 litters a year. We home raise our Jack Russell Terriers from puppies to ensure their excellent temperaments to make the best family companion possible! Our Jacks are first and foremost special members of our family. They are not kept in kennels! We have 10 acres upon which our home is built. We have a very large play yard surrounding the back & sides of our home. This is so our Jack Russells  can go in and out at their leisure through a doogie door located in our dining room. They have their own huge area to do with as they please.....digging for example lol.  Please see our pictures on our About Us page. They are played with & exercise frequently not only by us but our 5 kids.  We raise shorty Jack Russells....the old fashioned slightly longer than tall. Currently we only have smooth coats but we hope to add a nice rough coat female to our program this year! We have English, Irish & German bloodlines coming from breeders such as Farr West, Star Valley, Shamrock, & Great Brook Farm. Our newest addition comes from Colorado Jacks with lines from Russellville. Many thanks to these terrific breeders for passing on such great lines! Please see Our Jacks page for more info. Also see our Puppy Purchase page for details about purchasing and our puppies!




Need puppy classes or agility classes? If your local to the  on Candace to send her an email. Please put referred by Melissa in the subject line ! Want more info? Check out her site Tail Win'dz Agility...don't forget to let her know we referred you when you contact her!





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We also provide our adults & puppies  
NuVet Plus®  daily insuring they have the best start in life! I highly recommend NuVet Plus®  to keep your pet on the path to continued health!

It’s not available in stores, and is only available to the general public with an order code from an authorized pet professional or by ordering directly from the manufacturer. Please be sure to mention our code to get your DISCOUNT!
To Order by Phone call 800-474-7044 - Order Code: 18795
You may also order Online at
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Hey Everyone!  I’ve got some great news for you and your pets!


Over and over I am asked the very same question from my new puppy buyers – what is the best way to house train my new puppy?  This has always been a tricky answer because until recently there was no best way or worst way – just the long way.  Well thankfully that has all changed!


I was recently introduced to a product called Potty Park.  It literally is a toilet for dogs that can be used indoors or outdoors at your home, apartment or anywhere else your dog may need somewhere to relieve itself.  Essentially it’s your own private little piece of the dog park anywhere you need it.


I have seen other dog potties for sale and have been very skeptical because of the inherent dangers of all of the bacteria building up on these units, but Potty Park is made from anti-bacterial and anti-microbial medical grade materials.  In fact it’s the only true anti-microbial dog potty in the world! 


Once I found out that the White House uses Potty Park for Bo Obama I was sold!  I mean, if there was a better dog potty out there don’t you think they’d be using it?


Not only does it save your floors from accidents and stains, but it also allows you to spend more quality time with your dog(s) and less time cleaning up after them.


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Lucky Jacks- Jack Russell Terriers

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Brand new to Lucky Jacks....Our Forum!! Find useful articles, training tips, chat and make friends! Please do more than browse! Sign up and join our community. Leave your comments and questions. We hope you stick around!

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