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Here is what some of my customers had to say about our wonderful Jack Russell Terrier puppies! If you are a customer and have not yet sent in a testimonial and would like to do so, please click here

Please see our past pups pages. You will also find links to individual pup pages so you can see any additional photos my new owners have sent! Don't forget to check out our Kids N Jacks page for lots of pictures of Jacks with kids!

Judy Donaldson

Charlotte, NC



Bella is doing great, she is spoiled rotten. She loves to play but is very good at snuggling. My best friend and her daughter embroidered bandanas for her to wear each day and the girls at the bank and coffee drive thru have her rotten. One of her best friends is the kitty next door. I don't think she knows she is a cat. She loves playing (supervised),with the pit bull next door( an overgrown baby) and the Sheltie on the other side. She is afraid of the Rottweiler’s next to us and I am glad of that. She is very friendly to everyone she meets so far. I am glad for that.(I think, I don't want someone snatching her). Alan and I were just talking last night about sending you some pictures. She looks so different; some of her black around her face has faded to sable so you can really see her eyes. She is beautiful. She gets attention where ever she goes, and they always want to know where I got her and we’re proud to tell them. Tell your youngest daughter that we are taking good care of her and love her very much. We will send pictures very soon.

Susan McFarland

Chocowinity, NC



Darwin is thriving and is now a “teenager.”  He is so big you probably wouldn’t recognize him. Hopefully, he is large enough to make eagles think twice about picking him up. We watch him closely while he is outdoors. Darwin has the run of a large yard with an electric fence, which he does not challenge, even with deer and squirrels running through his territory.

Everyone he meets loves him and he reciprocates. The long fur around his face is adorable; I love the rough coat. When he is out on a walk, people have stopped their cars to ask about him, and they can’t believe he’s a Jack Russell. They’ve never seen one with a rough coat. Darwin is fairly calm. I hope to get him into obedience training soon. Trainers who have evaluated him remark on his excellent temperament. He already sits and shakes on command. Ultimately, I think he can do agility training and go on to become a therapy dog. For now, he likes walking to the marina or on a nature trail, where he uses his magnificent scent ability.

Darwin has play dates with other dogs and loves to play with the "big boys", such as Golden retrievers. However some of his best buds are such as maltipoos and other small dogs. He likes to run with a little Italian greyhound.

Regards, Susan

Jimmy & Pollyanna Cox
Pine Knoll Shores, NC


 Thanks for such a great puppy. She slept in her kennell all night, got out this morning and wet on the puppy pad, cried to go out and did her #2 . Wow, you have some smart dogs. I'll try to send some pics as time goes on if you don't mind.

Thanks again,

Jimmy Cox 

5-24-09  Roxy can hardly be described with words. She has the best personality. She is your typical Jack. She loves chasing birds & squirrels,digging for moles,chasing ghost crabs on the beach, and chewing on her step-sister Sugar,a yellow lab. Sugar actually pays her no mind and lets her chew like she wasn't even there. She loves watching TV.She jumps up and down barking in front of the TV no matter what is on. The funniest thing is when the Bojangles commercial comes on with the dancing chicken. It drives her nuts. We laugh everyday at this crazy dog.

Ashley & Doug Homrich

Jacksonville, NC


Best Decision We've Made!!!

My husband and I are extremely happy with Lucky Jacks! Melissa gives each puppy tons of love and it shows once your bring your puppy home. With weekly updates on her website and open visits to her home, my husband and I were able to watch our pup grow from 1 day old to 8 weeks. I strongly recommend anyone looking for a Jack to purchase one of Melissa's. Lucky Jack puppies really are Lucky!!!

Dan & Lil Johnson

Portsmouth, VA





Just wanted to drop a quick note to say how wonderful our new little puppy is and how much we respect and admire the breeder, Lucky Jacks. They live out in the country on 10 acres and have a wonderful place for the pups. We picked up little Henri ourselves and were able to visit with the parents and the other pups in the litter. The pups have free range of much of the house and the kids are wonderful with them. They provided a puppy starter pack, which included enough food for a few days, some written information about puppies, toys and shot record. You can just see their love for Jacks. It was a wonderful experience and I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Tom & Jody K'burg

Salem, NJ


Moose.  What else can I say about him? He is our perfect puppy. (He made me say that) Moose is growing nicely - he's just a nice size for sitting on laps, which he loves to do. He's bright, curious and affectionate - all the things we were looking for in a puppy. His preferred sleeping arrangements include sleeping on our bed, UNDER the covers. At any rate, we are VERY happy with him. Thank you again for letting us adopt him.



PS Your children did a WONDERFUL job of socializing him. He has never met anybody who he doesn't like. He wouldn't be much of a watchdog. I'm sure he would invite any and all burglars into the house, and probably show them where the silver is kept too. Fortunately *watch dog* isn't on his job description.

Mark Paul
Apex, NC

Jet has made a wonderful addition to our family. We all enjoy him, even our neighbors! He is quite the novelty. When we told people that we were getting a Jack Russell the first thing out of their mouths was "OHHHH, they have a lot of energy." Now when they meet Jet, I think they are pleasantly surprised at how calm he is. He has just the right amount of energy. He plays hard with the kids, runs, and plays soccer, fetch and basketball. But, he lies around the house like he is an old Labrador. Great Dog!!

Kevin & Lindsey Moran

Fitchburg, MA



We just HAD to write and tell you how much we absolutely ADORE Brody.  He was so good the whole ride home on Tues, and seems pretty comfortable here with us LOL.  He's already getting the pee pad--he's been really good with that...just a few accidents in the house.  He's such a good boy and is so incredibly sweet.  He's already sleeping in the bed with us.  We were both surprised at how smooth the transition has been for him, he fits in perfect with us.  We're just so happy!

He LOVES the toys you gave us in the grab bag by the way.  Especially the one that's like a tennis ball with a strap on it.  He carries it around everywhere. 

Kevin & Lindsay Moran

Lisa Morse
Ayer, MA


Melissa and family- Ashley and I are so very pleased with Sadie. She is just so loving and fun- just as feisty as we had imagined. She is our baby and we are all getting along well. Thanks for everything!! J


Lisa Morse

Shelley Miller

Dedham, ME



Katie is doing great.  She and Wheaton continue to make progress everyday.  As a matter of fact, they are actually sleeping right next to each other right now on the couch, touching a little!  They play together sometimes, but she is always watching him and waiting for him to big her big brother and snuggle!  Little by little!

Katie started puppy class 3 weeks ago.  She is doing very well with the clicker training(Green Acres here in Bangor...Wheaton did that also!)  Everybody thinks she is so cute...and she is!  She's very smart.  Her biggest obstacle is getting to and from...she still gets carsick, the poor thing...we are trying everything we can to make it better for her.  She and Wheaton are definitely not travelers!

Claire & Dutch Holland

Brunswick, ME



Just thought that we would send you a recent picture of Coco.  As you can see she is growing fast and is a lovely member of our family.  She is so gentle with our 2 kids which is a good job because they both love to play with her!.  She will soon be a globe trotter when she comes back and lives with us in England.  Thanks again for giving us a lovely pet.


Here an update on Coco and Rocco (aka Romeo!).  It's been 3 weeks since Rocco came home to join his older sister Coco and they get on like a house on fire.  Coco is very protective of him and she has been a new dog since he has joined the family.  It's lovely to see them playing with each other and we are so glad that I clicked on your website again and fell in love with Rocco and decided that I had to have him!.  Thanks again for all your help!


- Claire & Scott Holland

Jennifer & Wayne Barnett

Gloucester, VA



We got our little Jack Russell “Piper” from the first litter and we LOVE her so much ! She has been so much fun to raise and recently we have thought about another little Jack to our family. I was pleased to see your ad. Looks like they are almost gone though. That’s OK cause we will be in touch soon about the next litter. Great site!!

Update: They added little P.J. to their family J

Andy Ripley

So. Paris, ME



Thank you so much for this precious, cute, little bundle of fun and energy. He is bringing tons of laughs and giggles to our family...never a dull moment! We love him!! You do an excellent job with your responsible breeding. It is obvious you love and care for all your dogs and puppies. You have been a pleasure to deal with and I appreciate how you always accommodated us in coming to visit. 


Jeri Ripley


George & Susan Ravagni

Wilmington, MA



Just dropping you a line on how Patches is doing. I can't believe he will be a year old in 10 days.  He is a great dog.  He is very loving and also very energetic. He loves running around with my two boys and going for walks. He destroys every toy we get him in a couple of days but that is our Baby. The Vet says he is a picture perfect Jack Russell. I will send pictures later. He gets a huge amount of love from our family and he gives plenty back. All in all he is a great pet that we all adore.

Take care,

George Ravagni


Jackie Bache

Exeter, ME



Poppy is doing great!  My kids absolutely love him and keep him busy ALL day long whether he likes it or not!  He's got a wonderful personality, temperament, and attitude.  He tolerates being carried around and treated like a baby.  He doesn't complain when the girls insist on hugging and kissing him and snuggling him under their blankets.  He put up with my 4 year old sneaking him in the bathroom to give him a bath in the sink. He even allows them to use him as a pillow once in a while.


J. Bache


Auburn, ME


Just wanted to let you know that Pixie is doing great.  She always keeps us amused and on our toes. She is a big love bug and loves to curl up and sleep right next to whoever is on the couch. She adds a lot to our family and we love her very much.


 Sue Lamson

Larissa Beers

Dingman's Ferry, PA



We have a Jack Russell Terrier who is 12, and he is like our child....we have been looking for another jack for 8 months. I found Melissa's site and I contacted her right away. She was very helpful and responded to everything I needed to know....I am very happy that I found this site, we are taking Penny girl home in August and we cannot wait...


Larissa Beers


Update: Things are going very well. Penny is doing great, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She is the friendliest, loving dog. Everyone always compliments on how friendly she is. I joke and say that if someone ever broke in I would be in trouble because she would kiss them to death. I am starting to get an urge to get a friend for her. I feel bad that she doesn't have a friend to keep her company when I am at work. Any upcoming litters ? Talk to you soon, Larissa

Shannon Blackstone

Brunswick, ME


My baby is on the website Hogan, of course I had to check out this website. Hogan has been a wonderful addition to our family. He keeps us all entertained and moving. Hogan is a very loyal Jack Russell. He is very much attached to me. If I had more room in my home I would have to say I would have another Jack Russell from Lucky Jacks.


-Shannon Blackstone



Mt. Vernon, ME


Waldo is great. Everyone loves him wherever we go. He’s a real clown, and a lot of fun for my very active teenage boys, who love to play with him. We adore him.

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