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Below you will find our reservations guidelines. Before making your decision to reserve, you may also want to check out our Puppy Info page, which has information on our program, pricing and what you get with our puppies. Also check out our FAQ"S and Buyer Beware pages for commonly asked questions. If you are 100% sure you want a Lucky Jacks puppy then please fill out our puppy application and we will contact you shortly. You may also give us a call!


A reservation will guarantee you a selection from our new Jack Russell puppies. Reservations are only offered to approved owners. To qualify, please fill out our puppy application.

A reservation deposit is $200. It is applied to the purchase price of your puppy. It is non-refundable after three days but transferable to another litter. Please keep in mind we are a small operation and have only 2 litters a year, so if you pass you may have as long as a year to wait. We will offer refunds only if we do not have the sex you requested and we will not have an upcoming litter within 6 months. Exceptions may be made in extraordinary circumstances.

If you know you are interested in getting a Lucky Jacks puppy and know you would like to have one from our next arrivals we suggest that you place a reservation with us before the puppies arrive.

This will guarantee you a pick in the litter. First pick goes by the order in which the deposit was received.

  • Exception: The exception to the order of puppy choosing are the following:
  • Breeder reserves the right to first pick of every litter if they so choose.
  • If a client from a previous list decided to wait for the next litter then they receive first pick from the litter if their deposit was received before the current first person. The balance is due when the pup reaches 7 weeks of age. No exceptions. Total purchase price for pet quality (sold on a spay/neuter agreement) is  $700 - $900 depending on pedigree, coat and markings. Breeding rights can be given starting at $1000 to approved homes.  If balance is not collected by deadline, buyer looses the $200 non-refundable deposit . Checks accepted for deposits only. Cash, Postal Money order and pay pal are accepted as final forms of payment. WE DO NOT SHIP OUR PUPPIES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!

After we receive the puppy application, we will be in touch by email and by phone for your interview and to let you know about our available puppies and our next arrivals. At that point we will ask you to place a reservation by credit card (pay pal) or by check or money order. Once you place a reservation you are guaranteed a selection on the puppy you most want!!

After you place a reservation we will keep in close touch with you regarding expected litters. As soon as they are born we take lots of pictures of the puppies, and we will send you an email notifying you of their birth! You can then go to our website and see all the beautiful pups!  Although all puppies are pictured on our website upon arrival, no one can claim a certain puppy until EVERYONE on our reservation list has either chosen a puppy or opted to wait for the next litter.

We do ask that you have made a decision one way or the other by the time the pup is 4 weeks old so that we have enough time to place remaining puppies. An additional $200 is due once you have chosen your puppy. The balance is due when the pup is 7 weeks old.

You can also come by and see them as early as 3 weeks of age. We ask that you do not visit any other breeders or pet stores 60 days prior to your visit here to keep from transmitting any diseases that may be present at those other locations. You may also visit your chosen puppy at anytime while he/she is in our care. We welcome visits always!

Not all of our Jack Russell puppies get reserved ahead of time, so we may have puppies available if you just happened to find our site and have not sent in your puppy application yet. We only reserve 4 pups a litter ahead of time. Generally there are 6 pups in a litter. We do also have a waitlist going after all reservations are filled. Please check our Planned Litters page to see where our reservations stand.

You can also qualify by calling us, which may speed up the process for you, but we will eventually need you to fill out our questionnaire also :)



Waitlist does not guarantee you a puppy! To be sure you have a puppy held for you, please send in your $200 non-refundable deposit. (If for some reason the mating doesn't take, you can be moved to the list for the next litter. Pick is in the order of the date the deposit was received, not when you contacted us) . Ex. You may have been on our waitlist for 6 months…someone else comes along and places a deposit before you- they are immediately placed on reservation list- which puts them ahead of you. Once you have placed a deposit you will be on the reservation list found on our Planned Litters page. These will be the only  litter we will have this year. Cookie may or may not be bred again next summer, our new female won't be ready until winter 2011. 


1. Ashli & Heath- Jacksonville, NC- male- happy returning customers!








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