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We breed first and foremost for temperament, health & conformation. Our goal is to make the perfect family companion for you to add your new member.


 If you would like to commit to reserving a puppy, please fill out our puppy application. If you are unsure and want more information please see our FAQ's and Buyer Beware pages then if you need more info fill out the inquiry form.  . If you are not sure the Jack Russell is the right dog for you, please try the online profiler.

Our Jacks are healthy....We take great care and pride in breeding and raising our Lucky Jacks puppies. It begins with proper care of our adult Jacks. We keep our Jacks healthy by maintaining their vaccinations with their yearly physical by our vet and keeping them on monthly heartworm prevention meds & frontline plus. Our girls are usually only bred once a year and they have their exam & vaccinations just prior to breeding to ensure optimum antibodies pass to their pups.  We feed them a high protein diet with our favorite dog food .....Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover's Soul along with other foods high in protein and we give them Nuvet vitamins. 30 days after the mating they are seen by our vet for their check-up and to confirm their pregnancy.


Our girls do not go through labor & delivery alone. They are watched very carefully with temperature checks to be sure when labor will occur. We stay with them through the whole process and help when they need it. For the first couple of weeks they remain in our master bathroom, where we can keep close eyes on them. We pay close attention to temperature and make sure mama & babies are comfortable. Once they start getting around, they are moved into our large laundry room where they can have privacy and outdoor access. They are handled and loved every day. Starting at 3 weeks my children start playing and socializing with them along with us. They come out into our main living area 4-5 times a day for 30 min-an hour or however long it takes till they are tuckered out lol. At 4-5 weeks they start going out for play and socializing with our other JRT's and lab. We also start potty training and crate training.


Our Jacks have excellent temperaments....we take our time when selecting a new family member. We look long & hard at the bloodlines (getting as much information & pictures we can find of their ancestry) and discuss the temperament of their parents with their breeder before we make the decision to purchase our new family member. If we find when the pup matures that he or she does not have the right temperament we are looking for, we will not breed them. For example, we will not breed an overly dominant JRT. Even though they are a member of our family and we love them dearly we would rather find them a more suited pet home where they can be happiest, then to be selfish and keep them and not use them in our program. Because we are small family breeders who do not kennel or cage their JRT's they must all have exceptional temperaments and get along well with each other and to LOVE children is a must!


Our Jacks have very good conformation.....we prefer the classic shorty, 10-12 inches slightly longer than tall with a nice solid build. To be muscular but not overly stocky. We like a strong head with powerful jaws and nice V-shape folded ears. We prefer nice straight legs but a little crook is acceptable. Right now we are only breeding the smooth coats, but we hope to add a new member of the family with a nice full rough coat this fall or winter...the search is on!



Our pet puppy prices are $700- $900 depending on bloodline, coat type, size and sometimes if we have rare or unusual markings or white pups as they are highly desireable and we don't get that many. . Pet puppies are sold with a spay/neuter agreement and limited registration. You will not receive papers until we have received a copy of the sterilization from your vet. Pedigree papers are made available for you to view on pick-up or if you would like to see parents pedigree before purchasing, just ask.


Breeding rights can be obtained starting at $1000 to approved homes. Just ask us for more info if interested in obtaining breeding rights with full registration.


Occassionally, there may be a puppy we feel would make an excellent addition to our program, but we don't have the room to keep him/her. We would let that puppy go with breeding rights...ask us about this if your interested.


If you are a breeder looking to add to your line, we may also be willing to do a puppy trade if we are wanting to add to our line at that time.


We encourage our prosepective owners to realize the long term investment of owning a puppy. You still have to continue their vaccination schedule, heartworm & flea prevention, puppy supplies, food , spaying/neutering , training and any unexpected vet costs over the life of your JRT. Keeping in mind the average life span of a healthy JRT is 15-20 years. That is a big commitment!


Our commitment to you is to provide you with a happy, healthy, well socialized puppy when he leaves us. You must continue to care for , train and socialize your puppy. We are here for any questions or concerns you may have for the life of your JRT. We have an open door policy...this means at anytime you can not continue to care for your JRT you are to bring him back to us (no refunds) we will either place him in a new loving home or keep him ourselves. You are in no way to ever bring him to a shelter of any kind or re-home him yourself. We care about where our JRT's are placed and go to great lengths to make sure they are placed in a home who knows about the breed and what they need. We like to keep in touch with our clients and our babies and know they are healthy, happy & loved!





Puppies are brought to the vet between 3-5 days old for tail docking and dew-claw removal.


Puppies begin their worming treatments with prescription wormer given by the vet at the previous visit at 2, 4, & 6 weeks of age.


Puppies are given vitamins starting at 4 weeks of age.


Puppies are taken to the vet just before going to their new homes at 8 weeks of age for their physical. They are checked for fecal , heart, testicles (for the boys), and overall health. They are given their 1st vaccine.


Puppies go home with their:

  • sales contract with spay/neuter agreement if applicable
  • Registration papers can be seen but not delivered until proof of sterilization *If purchased breeder's rights then you will receive these on pick-up.
  • vet records...please be sure to bring these to your vet visit as vets don't take breeder's words these days & will administer and un needed shot.
  • written health guarantee
  • puppy on the link to see what items I provide and what you should get!
  • samples & brochures from NuVet vitamins
  • photo cd...all pics taken of your puppy, some of litter mates & parents.

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