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Owner Surrender

1.Did you get your dog from a breeder? If so, have you contacted the breeder?
Good breeders will either take their dog back or assist you in re-homing your dog. In most cases the breeder will actually have that stated on the sales contract, like we do. Please do this before contacting Lucky Jacks.

2. How long does it take for you to find a new home for my dog?
Please remember that it has to be the right home for your dog. There is no definitive answer. It could be a week; it could take several months. We are dependent on applications. The new home must pass our screening process and fit the needs of your JRT. We know that you want the best home for your JRT and this can take time.

3. What are your requirements for my dog to come into your rescue program?
As a general rule, your JRT must be up to date on its shots and current on its heartworm and flea prevention. It must have a current health exam within the last 30 days. If your JRT has not been kept current on shots we will need blood work ran to be sure he/she is free from disease before bringing your JRT to us. We will need any vet records, vaccination cards, or registration papers you have on your JRT. We can also assist in finding your JRT a home while he/she is in your care.

4. My dog bit someone - I need to find another home.
We are sorry but we do not accept biting or agg