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Here are some photos of Daisy & Petey's pups 2005. If I received any photos from the owners they have been added to their album. Just click on the photo or the album link after the photo to go to the puppy’s’ album. I have also posted snippets from email they have sent me about their Jack and the wonders of their new family member in their album. Any photo you see with a date under it has that email. Just click on the photo to see it. I hope you have enjoyed your visit!



Petey’s Album

These pups were whelped June 26, 2005 . Daisy is a 13 1/2 inch parson terrier & Petey is a 12 inch shorty Jack Russell. The pups should mature between 11-15 inches.

 *****Daisy is now retired and Petey passed away 2006. There will not be any more matings from this pair*******



 Tedy (Kozmo) male- ADOPTED

Congratulations Andy Ripley & family of South Paris, ME !


Tedy joined a family with another dog Moka. Tedy and his owner Andy are the best of pals! Tedy is still cute, precious and sweet with lots of energy. He weighs about 13.5 lbs., about 13 inches tall, and has a smooth coat. His most tempting and absolute favorite "people" food is popcorn.

 ***Last update & photos June 2006****

Tedy’s Album



 Katie - female - ADOPTED

Congratulations Shelley Miller of Dedham, ME !


Katie is 14 inches has a broken coat and weighs about 17 lbs. She has a feisty personality and did very well in her obedience classes.  They have another Jack named Wheaton and they are quite the pair! Katie's personality hasn't changed much, just a smidge calmer. She is still the boss of Wheaton & let's him know his place all the time! She is still the most loving dog ever!

 ***Last update May 1, 2009....Thank You!****

Katie’s Album




Cocoa - female- ADOPTED

Congratulations Claire & Dutch Holland of Brunswick, ME !


Cocoa (pop) is a 13 inch smooth coat parson. She is their little princess. She has a very sweet disposition and calm temperament. She is a joy to be around. I had the priveledge recently (Apr. 2006) to jacksit her and her brother Rocco for a week. What a treat! It was great to see a houseful of Jacks run and play!

 *** Last update & pics 2006***

Cocoa’s Album




 Kiwi - female- ADOPTED

Congratulations Rebecca & Richard Dagneau of S. Windsor, CT


Kiwi is 11 inches, 10 lbs with a smooth coat. She has one ear up & one down. She is doing great at the Dagneau's.

 ***Last update & pics March 2006***

Kiwi’s Album




Cotton- female- parson- ADOPTED

Congratulations Barbara Walen of Kingfield, ME !


She is a very sweet girl who has a lot of spunk! She loves to play & is very good with the kids.

 ***Last update & pics 2006***

Cotton’s Album




Eddie (Comet)- male parson - ADOPTED

Congratulations Joe Pfiefer of Reading,MA


Eddie is a 13 1/2 inch Parson Russell. He is doing very well. He goes on playdates with a neighbor Jack and they have a ball. He recently had his sister, Lily join him from the 4th litter!

 ***Last update Feb. 2006*****

Eddie’s Album


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