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Leash Training

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There are several ways to leash train:

Attach a leash to a collar and allow the dog to pull the leash around the house
  The old fashion way of just dragging the dog/puppy (not recommended but often used)

      Then the pull and stop, pull and stop (again it will work but nor always recommended) how this work is you pull the puppy dog about a foot and then stop keeping presure on the leash and offer a treat reward if they move forward, it will work over a few days of time.

My prefered method is to use a "LONG LINE" this is a very long leash , of about thirty feet....Leash training is great but teaching your dog to follow you at the same time is better.

For this exercise you will need a good bit of space and a strange place. Attach the line and put your puppy on the ground and start walking away, when you hit about ten feet if your puppy is not following call them, and keep walking....... this exercise will tell you a lot about your puppy.  What your working on is a puppy insecurity of being in a strange place, and his NATURAL instinct to follow the leader. Leader means security. If your puppy is not willing to follow you or has desires to go elsewhere we have issues, but most will start following when you get to far away, allowing the puppy to drag the extra leash behind them, walk briskly so the puppy must pay attention to where your going, and does not have time to "think" about options. Change directions every 30 feet or so, when you feel the puppy is getting it, shorten up the leash, until it's a normal length, try not to stop while doing this.... Now here where it's sounds crazy but PRACTICE this with out the dog FIRST! Body language and tone are everything.

If when you bring your dog to a strange place and they are scared, you employ the soft approach, NO COTTLING, but soft firmness, giving into a dogs fear, feeds the fear, if your dog is like YAHOOO! lets go. it's time to employ "THE FORCE" LOL, sorry Jedi!!....  Be prepared, bring a few things the dog likes treat, or toys or both, but only use them if your dog is showing fear, you do this to inspire confidence, dogs feed off our energy!

Find a phase you like , I often say "Come On , Let's go" I know it's a sentence.... I often say the "Come on" is a cheery voice and the "LETS GO" in a firm voice.

OK so let's say your dog is following well and you shortened the leash, now you can start with the short normal length leash. This is another thing that must be polished, each time your dog starts pulling CHANGE DIRECTIONS, and say "Let go", after a while they will understand that by pulling, it will trigger you to change directions.....

Please let me know if this is confusing I'm not in the "ZONE" this morning and my writing tends to go in many directions.....

Note: I personally like to start of using a harness for a puppy. I do have him/her wear a collar so they are used to it, but for leash training I prefer the harness so it doesn't pull on their neck Smile

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