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Yellow Labradors

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English Yellow Lab

Labradors: Popular Family Dogs


If you have children and you are looking for a puppy to have as a pet, then a Yellow Labrador is what you could be looking for. Yellow Labradors make great pets for families with children. They are also one of the most popular dogs for families to buy. A lot of their popularity comes from being featured in films and TV shows. They are often portrayed as loving, intelligent, and heroic animals. Although the yellow Labrador is indeed a very loving and intelligent breed of dog, the movies often portray them as being more than they really are in real life. This can be disappointing if a child gets a yellow Labrador puppy and does not understand that these puppies are high energy and require proper care and training. Yellow Labradors grow up to be very large dogs very quickly.  It's important to understand what kind of work goes into raising a yellow Labrador before getting one you or your family.


Yellow Labs Are Happy Dogs


Overall you will find that yellow Labradors are very happy dogs and they are well-adjusted animals. They are playful with children and adults alike. They have a lot of love for those that care for them. Though they are large and strong dogs, they are not heavily built. They can be taught to get along with almost any other pets that a person or a family might have, including a cat. This is very important when you are considering a pet for a family or an individual that might already have another dog or other pets.  This is usually not a problem when bringing a yellow Labrador into the family.

American Yellow Lab

Yellow Labs Are Friendly Dogs


Yellow Labradors are extremely friendly dogs. The yellow Labrador makes friends easily with both humans and other dogs and animals. They especially enjoy the company of people very much. These dogs need attention and affection. They are happiest when they receive attention. This is important point when getting a yellow Labrador for oneself or one's family.  Because they need so much attention and affection, a family or individual must determine if they have the time and the resources to provide these things to their new pet. Many people get a dog because they want the security and companionship. However, they don't realize the work and time that is involved in owning a dog, a yellow labrador for sure. When bringing home a yellow Labrador you want to be prepared in knowing how to provide for its needs. Yes, yellow labradors are happy and friendly dogs and do make great family pets.


English "Red Fox" Lab

Unveiling The Myths About Red Labradors


The Labrador retriever is coveted by millions of people all over the world.  These dogs offer a good companionship and are known to be playful and aware of the owner’s needs. Labrador retrievers are also highly intelligent dogs. They are known to help disabled people as well.  There are three primary colors that a Labrador can be: black, chocolate, and yellow.  The color of a Labrador’s coat has nothing to do with its intelligence, only the look of it, and that is important to many people.  The color of the Labrador is an important factor in choosing a new dog. Some owners want to get away from the three main colors of the dog and try to find breeders that have Labradors that are charcoal, silver, or red.  Red Labradors are not extremely rare but it can take some time to find.   There are certain things a potential owner must know before getting a red Labrador.

English "Red Fox" Lab

What To Know Before Getting A Red Labrador


The red Labrador, which is sometimes called fox red, may lead to some   misconceptions about the animal.  One misconception people may think is that the dog is physically red like a fire hydrant and that is just not the case.  It is impossible to breed a dog like this to be that hue. Red Labradors fall under the category of a yellow Labrador.  It is merely the darkest, tannest, yellow a Labrador can be and people call it red.  Unfortunately, that can lead to some embarrassing misunderstandings should one believe the dog is actually red.  It would not necessarily be the potential owner’s fault, just a lack of information about Labradors.


As previously stated, these dogs are not the most common but they can be found.  It will take some research before finding a red Labrador.  The black, chocolate, and yellow Labrador dogs are bred the most and an owner would be lucky to find red Labradors.  Nevertheless, if one does manage to track down a red Labrador, one must make sure the breeder is not charging too much money.  A breeder may charge more money than the dog is worth trying to take advantage of someone trying to find a red Labrador. IT would be wise on the part of the potential owner to do some research and find a breeder that is honest and willing to sell the dog at a fair price.


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