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Potty Park
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· No more accidents

· No more yellow grass

· No more soiled carpets

· No more anxious owners

· No more uncontrolled unpleasant odors

· No more unsightly and messy “pee pads”

· No more stressed and uncomfortable dogs

· No more polluting back yards and city streets

· No more bladder problems linked to holding urine

· No more rushing home from work to walk the dog

· No more forcing sick or injured dogs to go outside

· No more inconvenient late night or early morning toileting walks

· No more taking dogs outside into potentially unsafe environments

· No more going out in cold or wet weather for dogs or their humans

Potty Park™ allows dogs to be completely

independent in meeting their toileting needs.

otty Park™ allows dogs to be completely

independent in meeting their toileting needs.


· odor resistant

· mold resistant

· fungus resistant

· bacteria resistant

· moisture resistant

· available in two sizes

· protective coating for durability

· for both indoor and outdoor use

· pheromone-enhanced synthetic grass surface

· manufactured from non-porous antimicrobial /antibacterial materials


Easy for dogs to use.

Easy for humans to clean.


1. Place Potty Park™ wherever you wish the dog to relieve itself.

2. The pheromone-enhanced artificial grass surface signals that this is the only acceptable place to "go".

3. The dog urinates on the grass surface.

4. The liquid drains through perforated holes and is channeled into the large half gallon reservoir below.

5. Empty the contents daily at your convenience.

6. When the dog defecates, remove the waste as soon as you can, just as you would do on a walk.


· Owners of a new puppy

· Condominium and apartment residents

· Owners of an aging, sick or injured dog

· Dog owners who live in extreme climates

· Owners who enjoy traveling with their dog

· Anyone who can’t go for late night and early morning walks

· Anyone who doesn’t like to go out walking in the cold or rain

· Anyone who hates to think of their pet in discomfort or distress

· Dog care providers, groomers, breeders, trainers and veterinarians

· Anyone with an unpredictable schedule making regular dog walks impossible

· Anyone requiring an indoor area for pets to toilet during the day while they're at work

· Homeowners who would like a designated outside toilet area for their dogs to help preserve lawns, gardens, swimming pool decks and children’s play areas


Anyone who wants the very best

for themselves and their dog.



· Surfaces are odor, bacteria, fungus and moisture resistant.

· Antimicrobial and antibacterial polyethylene surfaces kill or inhibit the growth

of viruses and micro-organisms to help ensure hygienic conditions for you, your

dog and your entire household.

· These are especially important considerations for young puppies who have not yet

received all their vaccines and boosters.


· Designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

· Animal and human friendly … easy for dogs to use, easy for humans to clean.

· Fully assembled right out of the box with everything you need included.

· Rubber feet to prevent sliding on tile, marble, or hardwood floors.

· Patent pending design ensures Potty Park Dog Grass™ does not slip off the unit.

· Durable design supports up to 200 lbs.

· Optional Potty Park Splash Guards™ for male dogs.


· Encourages dogs to urinate as often as needed, greatly reducing the risk of urinary

tract infection, bladder problems, kidney stones, and anxiety/stress related issues.

· Makes it easy to provide your veterinarian with urine or fecal samples.

· Allows you to monitor your dog’s elimination habits for harmful irregularities.


· The alternative of “pee pads” is a never-ending expense.

· The one-time purchase price of a Potty Park™ is considerably less than the cost of a

one year supply of “pee pads”.


· “Pee pads” are not environmentally friendly – most contain harmful chemicals

added to increase absorbency.

· Each year, “pee pads” create significant amounts of waste for landfills.


· Potty Park™ is made in North America.

· Potty Park™ comes with a 5 year warranty.

· Potty Park™ features a large, easy to handle reservoir.

· Potty Park™ is a structurally reinforced sealed unit which can support over 200 lbs.

· Potty Park™ is used and recommended by hundreds of breeders, trainers and veterinarians across the continent.

· Potty Park Dog Grass™ features drainage holes every 2 square inches,twice the density of our closest competitor.

· Potty Park™ features rubber feet to prevent it from sliding and scratching hardwood, marble and tile floors.

· Antimicrobial and antibacterial Potty Park™ is resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, moisture, fungi and odors.

· Potty Park Dog Grass™ features a seamed edge designed to eliminate the risk of unravelling so there are no harmful threads for a dog to ingest.

· You don’t need a hose or harsh cleaners to clean Potty Park™. Because of its unique design, all you need to do is pour water evenly over the grass surface – no disassembly required.

· Potty Park™ is used by “Bo” Obama in the White House. Only the best for the First Dog!

We also provide our adults & puppies  
NuVet Plus®  daily insuring they have the best start in life! I highly recommend NuVet Plus®  to keep your pet on the path to continued health!

Try Potty Park Risk Free!

Hey Everyone!  I’ve got some great news for you and your pets!


Over and over I am asked the very same question from my new puppy buyers – what is the best way to house train my new puppy?  This has always been a tricky answer because until recently there was no best way or worst way – just the long way.  Well thankfully that has all changed!


I was recently introduced to a product called Potty Park.  It literally is a toilet for dogs that can be used indoors or outdoors at your home, apartment or anywhere else your dog may need somewhere to relieve itself.  Essentially it’s your own private little piece of the dog park anywhere you need it.


I have seen other dog potties for sale and have been very skeptical because of the inherent dangers of all of the bacteria building up on these units, but Potty Park is made from anti-bacterial and anti-microbial medical grade materials.  In fact it’s the only true anti-microbial dog potty in the world! 


Once I found out that the White House uses Potty Park for Bo Obama I was sold!  I mean, if there was a better dog potty out there don’t you think they’d be using it?


Not only does it save your floors from accidents and stains, but it also allows you to spend more quality time with your dog(s) and less time cleaning up after them.


Click this link to check out Potty Park, the world’s finest dog potty!

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