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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do they have any medical conditions that are a trait of this breed
A. No breed is perfect. Every breed has some flaws. There are 2 main ones...hip and elbow displaysia. Please see our medical facts page for more info.

Q. How much are your puppies?
A. We are not bargain basement breeders nor are we mass producing puppy mills. We are a private breeder who only has one litter a year. This way the puppies receive the most loving care and attention. You will have this dog for the next 15-20 years, so you want to get a quality puppy that has been well taken care of! Our puppies are $500. They are sold with a spay/neuter agreement unless otherwise agreed upon. They also come with a written 3 year health guarantee and I am here for any advice or questions you may have for the life of your dog! Keep in mind that most pet stores sell puppies $850-$1000 and claim they are AKC. These puppies are usually purchased from puppy mills
who keep their dogs in cages and poor conditions. More often than not these puppies have poor health, physical and mental problems that are not apparent right away. They will wind up costing you much more in the long run in vet bills. Please do not buy from a pet store! Even if you decide not to get a puppy from me, please do your homework! Do not have a puppy shipped! Make sure that you can visit the home where the puppy is raised so that you can see the living conditions. Make sure you can see and interact with the mother and hopefully father too. The parents temperament plays a big part in your puppies. If you have children, it is best to get a puppy from someone you know has raised the puppies with children. For more puppy buying tips see my Buyer Beware page.

Q. When is your next litter due?
A. We have a litter due late Dec./ early Jan.

Q. Do you ship?
A. No, I do not ship under any circumstances, no exceptions. I prefer to meet the potential owners and have them meet me and my family.

Q. Are your puppies registered?
A.Yes, they are registered with AKC.  They have a 3-5 generation pedigrees.

Q. Do you accept checks?
A. No, I am sorry but due to prior circumstances we only accept cash and postal money orders. We have just started to accept paypal!

Q. How do I reserve a puppy?
A.  Reservations can be a little tricky. Here is how it works:
1. If you are positive you want to be on our reservation list please fill out a puppy application. If you are not sure, please send the inquiry form to get more information 2. After we have received the form, I will be calling you for an interview based on your answers. I strongly screen all my potencial clients. 3. If the interview is successful we have puppies available, you may select your puppy at that time and send in the $400  deposit ($200 of which is non-refundable) along with the deposit form. If no puppies are available or if you would like to wait for the next litter, then you would send in the $200 non-refundable reservation deposit Along with the reservation form. You will be placed on the list when money is received. We take 6 reservations per litter. The first person to place the deposit gets the first pick. I send out emails to those on my list to notify them of the puppies birth and shortly after I will post pictures. The first pick gets their choice first. They may choose to pick immedietely or wait to see how the puppies develop. I will allow until the pup is 4 weeks old to choose their puppy or choose to go onto the next reservation list. Once first pick has made their decision I go onto the next person and so on. Once the puppy has been chosen another $200 is required to hold that puppy. The balance is due when the puppy is 7 weeks old. There is a 3 day maximum grace period otherwise, the puppy is available for choosing by someone else and you would have to make a new selection. We do accept paypal.Exception: The exception to the order of puppy choosng are the following: Breeder reserves the right to first pick of every litter if they so choose. If a client from a previous list chose to wait for the next litter, then they receive first pick from the next litter if their deposit was received earlier.We do not accept checks. Cash, Postal Money order and paypal are accepted. WE DO NOT SHIP OUR PUPPIES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!

Q. Is the deposit applied towards the purchase price?
A. Yes

Q. Can I visit the puppy?
A. Yes, our door is always may visit your puppy at any time as long as you give me 24 hours notice.We do have 5 children in addition to our Jack Russells and Labs and we are often busy with sports schedules and so on. We need time to make other arrangements for transport if you visit falls on one of those days!

Q. Do you give refunds?
A. No, I do not give refunds.  In the rare case that you are unable to keep the Lab at any time, you bring it back to us per our contract .We will either find her/him a new loving, responsible home or keep her. The Lab may not be placed in any shelter or resold by you at any time. Any money we receive from the Lab goes to cover any new advertising etc we did to replace the Lab. If there is a problem with the Lab that falls in the terms of our guarantee a replacement puppy is offered. Please note we have NEVER had this happen :)

Q. Do you offer future advise on the puppy?
A. Yes, I am here for the life of your puppy to offer any assistance that I can.

Q. Are Labs good with children?
A. Finding a new dog can be a scary process. It can be even scarier when you have kids in the home. You want to be sure the breed you choose is good with children.

Bringing a breed into your home that is known to have problems with children is a lose lose situation. You will not be happy when the dog is aggressive towards your children. And your new dog will definitely not be happy when they are scolded!

Have no fear. Below is all the information you need on a lab's temperament towards children.
YES!! Labrador retrievers (most commonly referred to as "labs") make some of the best pets! Their temperament makes them perfect for children. Unlike terriers or other medium-sized breeds labs are very mild-tempered; not territorial or aggressive.

You can be confident that your young child can smother their new companion without getting bit. Kids love labs, and labs love kids. Because labs are tough dogs your child may be tempted to be rough. While labs are mellow this can be extremely annoying to your pet. Try not to leave your children unsupervised no matter the breed.

Q. Do they get along with cats?
A. Yes!

Q. What breeds do labradors get along with?
A. Since Labrador retrievers are considered the most popular dog in the world, it’s not surprising that people often wonder what other breeds Labradors get along with. Labrador retrievers, as any owner will tell you, are in fact very friendly, laid-back dogs. It is a feature of the breed.They are as well-known for their easy-going nature as they are for their intelligence, loyalty, and their love of exploration (which can sometimes lead to trouble ! While each dog has his own special temperament and needs, in general, labradors do not tend to be very territorial, sensitive, or aggressive, which are all traits that strongly (positively) influence a dog’s interactions with other breeds. For example, if you’re looking for a second dog, a labrador is often a good match, unless, for example, you are limited to smaller dogs. Note that some lines of labrador are exceedingly high in energy, which should be considered when exposing them to other breeds. If, for example, such a dog is put in the yard with an over-sensitive or aggressive dog, these playful high spirits might lead to trouble. Speaking to the norm, though, labradors tend to be very friendly with other dogs, and cats, too — the real question tends to be not so much how well the labrador will get along with the other dog, but rather, how the other dog will get along with the lab. To check your labrador’s disposition and to see how she falls with regard to the norm, take her out to a dog park and observe her interactions with other animals. Is she friendly or more of a loner? Does she initiate extended play? Pay attention to her activity level, too, as she may get along best with dogs of a similar activity level — or is she instead stimulated by interactions with a more fun-loving pup? Since labs are a larger breed, some people prefer to get a second dog of a similar size. A second dog can often help keep your original dog in better shape, in this way leading to a longer and healthier life for the dog. A lot really depends upon the space and time that you have dedicated to dog-time, as well as what you expect from the new dog. Do you have a large yard for the dogs to play in?Are you looking for a different breed to eventually replace the aging lab as the family pet, before the lab (eventually) passes away? Since labs are such an amiable breed, matching them with another lab seems like a very logical (and a positive) choice. Once you’ve had such a friendly, easy animal in your life, it can be difficult to transition to a more difficult pet. Why not go with a breed that you already know to be easy-going? You know that your current lab is unlikely to have a problem with the new dog — and if the new dog’s a lab as well, then you shouldn’t need to worry about that dog either.

Q. Do you have any advise on destructive chewing?

A. I could go on and on about this but i think this link has some of the best advice :

Thinking of breeding?

Breeding is a risky business and is very expensive and time consuming. It is not for everyone. It should only be done for the love of the breed and wanting to preserve it. You should throughly do your research before hand and choose your breeding pairs carefully. Lots of things could go wrong, so be prepared. Here is some information to get you started:,subcat-PETS.html be sure to click on read the excerp (pdf)

If your questions were not answered here, please feel free to call me or email me with your questions. I check my mail several times a day and am home most of the time caring for my puppies and children. 910-346-3742

We also provide our adults & puppies  
NuVet Plus®  daily insuring they have the best start in life! I highly recommend NuVet Plus®  to keep your pet on the path to continued health!

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