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Gathered from ASPCA

Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pet
•Alcoholic beverages
•Chocolate (all forms)
•Coffee (all forms)
•Fatty foods
•Macadamia nuts
•Moldy or spoiled foods
•Onions, onion powder
•Raisins and grapes
•Yeast dough
•Products sweetened with xylitol



Warm Weather Hazards
•Animal toxins—toads, insects, spiders, snakes and scorpions
•Blue-green algae in ponds
•Citronella candles
•Cocoa mulch
•Compost piles Fertilizers
•Flea products
•Outdoor plants and plant bulbs
•Swimming-pool treatment supplies
•Fly baits containing methomyl
•Slug and snail baits containing metaldehyde

Common examples of human medications that can be potentially lethal to pets, even in small doses, include:

•Pain killers
•Cold medicines
•Anti-cancer drugs
•Diet Pills
Cold Weather Hazards
•Liquid potpourri
•Ice melting products
•Rat and mouse bait

Common Household Hazards
•Fabric softener sheets
•Post-1982 pennies (due to high concentration of zinc)
Holiday Hazards
•Christmas tree water (may contain fertilizers and bacteria, which, if ingested, can upset the stomach.
•Electrical cords
•Ribbons or tinsel (can become lodged in the intestines and cause intestinal obstruction—most often occurs with kittens!)
•Glass ornaments
Non-toxic Substances for Dogs and Cats
The following substances are considered to be non-toxic, although they may cause mild gastrointestinal upset in some animals:

•Water-based paints
•Toilet bowl water
•Silica gel
•Cat litter
•Glue traps
•Glow jewelry

We also provide our adults & puppies  
NuVet Plus®  daily insuring they have the best start in life! I highly recommend NuVet Plus®  to keep your pet on the path to continued health!

Try Potty Park Risk Free!

Hey Everyone!  I’ve got some great news for you and your pets!


Over and over I am asked the very same question from my new puppy buyers – what is the best way to house train my new puppy?  This has always been a tricky answer because until recently there was no best way or worst way – just the long way.  Well thankfully that has all changed!


I was recently introduced to a product called Potty Park.  It literally is a toilet for dogs that can be used indoors or outdoors at your home, apartment or anywhere else your dog may need somewhere to relieve itself.  Essentially it’s your own private little piece of the dog park anywhere you need it.


I have seen other dog potties for sale and have been very skeptical because of the inherent dangers of all of the bacteria building up on these units, but Potty Park is made from anti-bacterial and anti-microbial medical grade materials.  In fact it’s the only true anti-microbial dog potty in the world! 


Once I found out that the White House uses Potty Park for Bo Obama I was sold!  I mean, if there was a better dog potty out there don’t you think they’d be using it?


Not only does it save your floors from accidents and stains, but it also allows you to spend more quality time with your dog(s) and less time cleaning up after them.


Click this link to check out Potty Park, the world’s finest dog potty!

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