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White House Press Release
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The #1 Dog Potty For The #1 Dog

When it comes to toilet training for Bo Obama, the decision is simple Potty Park™, the world's finest dog potty! On the morning of June 5th, 2009, the White House buzzed with excitement. President Obama's ten month old Portuguese Water Dog, Bo, waited patiently for a gift basket to arrive containing specifically selected pet products to welcome him to his important new role as best friend to the First Family. When it comes to toilet training for Bo Obama, the decision is simple – Potty Park™, the world's finest dog potty!

Made possible by the exclusive Hollywood celebrity gifting company “Wow Creations Media,” Potty Park™ was hand picked to be a part of the White House gift basket. Eco Pet Solutions Inc. is extremely proud that Potty Park™ will be there for Bo and the First Family in this exciting new time in their lives. As Bo's presence graces the rich history and tradition of the White House, he will undoubtedly find himself investigating the many rooms and small spaces in his new home. Although we are not sure if Bo will get his own bedroom, we can tell you he has a bathroom that is all his own – Potty Park™, the indoor/outdoor toileting device for puppies and dogs.

President Obama's daughter Malia suffers from severe allergies and the Obama's chose wisely when it came to a breed of dog – one that is hypoallergenic and would be the best suit for their daughter's health. It is for that reason they used the same careful selection when choosing a dog potty for Bo. Potty Park™ is the only medical grade toileting device for puppies and dogs, manufactured using antimicrobial/antibacterial build materials! Manufactured in North America, there is no better fit for the First

Family. Potty Park™ is resistant to odor, mold, bacteria and fungus.

Potty Park™ is a great tool for potty training new puppies and also for providing adult dogs a designated place to toilet during your hectic daily schedule. Potty Park™ is a great product for people who live in condominiums and apartments, those who have senior or injured dogs and those who frequent boats, cottages or RV's. Potty Park™ is excellent for pet industry professionals and animal lovers who want the best for their best friends.

“We are extremely delighted to provide the first family with a safe and healthy solution to Bo's toileting needs. With a clean, fresh and allergy free environment for the whole family, Bo and the Obama's now have the comfort in knowing their best friend can relieve himself independently whenever he needs to.” Says Jude Hudson, President of Eco Pet Solutions.

With more and more dog owners living in condominiums and apartments and living more active/less scheduled lifestyles, finding a place for your dog to “go” has become a serious issue. Potty Park™ solves the age old problem of “when it’s time to go and there’s nowhere to go”.

Until now, pet owners have had no option but to face stained floors, behavioral problems, negative health issues from lack of proper hydration/urination, ineffective and unsightly pee pads, and unavailability of pet ownership. With the introduction of the Potty Park™, Eco Pet Solutions, Inc. not only solves the problem of where to go, they also increase the health and comfort levels of dogs and owners alike!

Eco Pet Solutions, Inc. is the manufacturer of the increasingly popular Potty Park™. The product is known for providing a clean and easy solution to the toileting needs of dogs. The company’s mission is to increase the levels of canine comfort, health and convenience. The company’s web site at contains additional information.

The concept of Potty Park™ is simple bring a piece of your dogs natural environment to areas you would want them to relieve themselves without issue.

Potty Park home of the world's finest dog potty!

We also provide our adults & puppies  
NuVet Plus®  daily insuring they have the best start in life! I highly recommend NuVet Plus®  to keep your pet on the path to continued health!

Try Potty Park Risk Free!

Hey Everyone!  I’ve got some great news for you and your pets!


Over and over I am asked the very same question from my new puppy buyers – what is the best way to house train my new puppy?  This has always been a tricky answer because until recently there was no best way or worst way – just the long way.  Well thankfully that has all changed!


I was recently introduced to a product called Potty Park.  It literally is a toilet for dogs that can be used indoors or outdoors at your home, apartment or anywhere else your dog may need somewhere to relieve itself.  Essentially it’s your own private little piece of the dog park anywhere you need it.


I have seen other dog potties for sale and have been very skeptical because of the inherent dangers of all of the bacteria building up on these units, but Potty Park is made from anti-bacterial and anti-microbial medical grade materials.  In fact it’s the only true anti-microbial dog potty in the world! 


Once I found out that the White House uses Potty Park for Bo Obama I was sold!  I mean, if there was a better dog potty out there don’t you think they’d be using it?


Not only does it save your floors from accidents and stains, but it also allows you to spend more quality time with your dog(s) and less time cleaning up after them.


Click this link to check out Potty Park, the world’s finest dog potty!

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