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Poisoneus Toads

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Summer time is upon us and there is major danger out there with toads. They can be fatal to your dog.  The following is a list i found that you can do to help your dog- only thing I'm not sure about the peto, I would consult your vet first. Most important thing is to clean it's mouth, fur & paws immediately! I will also post some other links I found.



Do In order listed: This is better with two people helping

1. Restrain the animal, put the dog on a leash or tie up

2. A small dog can be wrapped in a towel or blanket to secure

3. Wipe the toxic slime with a towel out of the dogs mouth quickly

4. Keep the dogs head tilted down, very important to keep head down

5. Rinse the dogs mouth with the garden hose

6. Use pin point spray of water but reduce water pressure, you are trying to rinse the toxin and keep a steady water flow

7. Alternate with the towel to wipe, then rinse again with the hose

8. Keep checking inside the dog's mouth to see if you removed the toxic slime. It will feel like raw egg whites.

9. If the dog throws up, that is ok, the VET will induce vomiting if you go to their office

10. When you feel you have the slime removed Use the dropper to squirt a tablespoon of Pepto Bismol at the back of the dogs tongue so it swallows and coats the back of the tongue

11. Wait and watch the dog in a confined space like the bathroom for several hours

12. The dog will probably be vomiting and gagging, keep the dog calm as possible. If the dog starts foaming at the mouth, repeat the procedure with the towel wiping and more water but no more Pepto Bismol

13. At any point in time CALL THE VET or get someone else to call

14. If your pet starts to have seizures get to the VET immediately

At any point if your dog's gums get bright red... immediately get to the Vet. This would indicate serious poisoning. Both clinics confirmed this. I would not take a chance and heed their warning.

This one has some advice about keeping them from your yard

Bufo Toad poisioning

First Aid for toad poisioning in pets

Toad Toxcity

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Over and over I am asked the very same question from my new puppy buyers – what is the best way to house train my new puppy?  This has always been a tricky answer because until recently there was no best way or worst way – just the long way.  Well thankfully that has all changed!


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I have seen other dog potties for sale and have been very skeptical because of the inherent dangers of all of the bacteria building up on these units, but Potty Park is made from anti-bacterial and anti-microbial medical grade materials.  In fact it’s the only true anti-microbial dog potty in the world! 


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