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Puppy Guarantee


Our Promise To You:
We pride ourselves on raising healthy, well adjusted puppies with excellent temperaments. We do everything possible in the caring and raising of our puppies to ensure you get a happy and healthy puppy.

  • Your pups first visit to the vet is between 3-5 days old to have the tails docked and dew claws removed The puppies are also examined by our veterinarian.


  • Your puppy has been on a de worming schedule at 2, 4,6 weeks of age (you will need to give them their last one when you take them in for their puppy check as most vets do this whether the breeder has or not. We prefer not to over medicate them)


  • Your puppy has been on NuVet Vitamins starting at 3-4 weeks of age to optimize their immunity and health. We highly recommend you continue with these vitamins.


  • Your puppy is seen again at 7-8 weeks of age. At this time they are examined for eyes, ears, fecal, bite, patella's, and testicles for the boys. They are given their first vaccination and health certificate.


  • Although your new Jack Russell has been checked by a veterinarian and is on a vaccine and worming program, there are still instances where a puppy might become ill. Please note that a puppy is NOT fully protected from diseases until ALL vaccination series have been administered. Please do not take your puppy out to public areas until vaccinations are completed. Limit your pups socialization to animals you KNOW are on a regular vaccination schedule. However, in the event that your Jack Russell Terrier is diagnosed with a debilitating congenital defect during the first 3 years of his/her life, bring him/her back to us for a new puppy. Vet documentation is required and we reserve the right to have the JRT examined by our vet. Transportation costs and vet bills incurred by purchaser are not included in the guarantee, only new puppy. In the event that a serious genetic defect is found, the buyer (at buyers expense) must provide a letter stating the genetic disorder from a licensed veterinarian, and documented vet records. I will also speak with the veterinarian about this health issue as I am concerned with not passing on such defects. Puppies, just as humans, have unforeseen diseases. We ask that if any condition arises , that you contact us to let us know. We will meet and exceed any state Puppy Lemon Law. It is the owner's responsibility to get the puppy back to the breeder including any associated travel expenses.


  • After you pick up your puppy, we cannot accept liability for your puppy or accept responsibility for contagious diseases diagnosed after 3 days from your puppy's arrival. We recommend that you take your new puppy to your vet within 72 hours of his or her arrival to ensure your new puppy from Lucky Jacks is healthy.


  • We CANNOT GUARANTEE the exact height, weight, coat type, ear set, or conformation of a puppy when they are mature. We can only estimate by their current size, conformation, and coat, and by the conformation and size of their parents. Also please note that in tri-colors facial markings can fade.


  • We GUARANTEE that your puppy has been properly cared for, received lots of TLC and socialization. It is YOUR responsibility to continue that same care and socialization. Please note our guarantee does not cover owner negligence. Such as but not limited to improper diet, lack of veterinarian care, accidents or lack of supervision, negligence such as un socialization (leaving the dog outside or crated all day)


Your Promise to Us:

  • To take your new puppy to the vet within 3 business days. We want your family to be sure of the health of your new Jack Russell. If anything is wrong please call us immediately and we will do everything we can to help you. Of course, routine veterinary and health care for life of the dog is your responsibility. The Veterinarian will put your puppy on a regular vaccine schedule and checkup schedule. If you do not keep up with your vaccination schedule and routine care, this guarantee will become null and void.


  • You guarantee that you will care for and train your new puppy. Our Jacks have the best temperaments around, but even the most laid back JRT can go bad if improper